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Building a catapult



For physics we were given an assignment to build a catapult. In order to build a successful catapult we needed to take into account the angle of the arm of the catapult that was approximately measured at 45°. At 45°, where the arm of the catapult was suppose to be angled, when launched was suppose to give us the tallest possible height. Considering we were off on our measurements we were only able to get the softball at a constant distance of 8m. Lifting the catapult itself required force because the force of gravity was pulling down the catapult which then made it difficult to life because the force of the catapult was pushing back. There was a force being applied when there were about 50 screws in the wood that my group and I had to take out because someone had to screw in the screws by pushing on the electrical screwdriver. When taking out the screws means we were the force that were pulling the screws out. Also there was tension on the catapult because when the bungee cords were added on to the catapult there was an exerted pulling force.


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