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Assassin's Creed, Would you survive the leap of faith?



== > search on YouTube “Game Theorists Assassin creed leap of faith†it will be the first result

in short, no you cannot survive this jump and walk out unscathed. As you probably know any fall exceeding 100 feet would lead to the projectile, A.K.A our beloved Assassin, reaching terminal velocity which means not at all survivable. However 44 people have survived falls from six miles high or 3100 feet out of a plane and survived, out of which 13 freefell without any debris to cling onto. Even though this is impressive, a fall from this high would still be the same as a fall from 1500 feet. This is because around 1500 feet is where all projectiles from that height or higher will reach terminal velocity. Terminal velocity is where the force of the air resistance and the force of gravity are equal and you no longer accelerate downwards, maxing out at around 54 m/s. Another thing, the assassins in assassin creed may be falling correctly, spreading their bodies and falling in a substance that has some give, but falling on their backs is not the optimal falling position for surviving a huge fall. The best way to land is falling in the sky diver’s position with hips and legs flexed is much better for coping with the fall. So props to the assassins for not dyeing as horribly at least…

Looking into the high-dive achievement for the game, Ezio jumps off the famous Campanille di Giotto in Italy (a 278 foot or 84.7 meter tower) which is well above the terminal velocity zone. This fall takes about 3.7 seconds to finish and with the acceleration due to gravity being 9.81 m/s/s we can plug these into an equation to see if everything checks out. However it doesn’t! This means the gravity in the assassin’s creed world must be higher than the gravity on earth! Gravity would have to be 12.4 m/s/s in assassin’s creed’s version of earth which is 125% of earth’s gravity and greater than every other planet in our solar system (except for Juptier)

The video goes on to explain multiple other games and the details of gravity in their universe so if you wish to know more about the flawed programming be my guest. But for now,

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