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Metroid Samus's Morph Ball, Is it possible?



== > Search on youtube “Game theory Metroid Morph ball†and the video will be the first result.

Ever wonder if Samus can REALLY fit into that tiny morph ball of hers without being crushed to bits? Well here is the answer!

Samus is about 6 foot 5 or about 2 meters tall according to the official website. By converting this height into the number of pixels Samus is tall we are able to deduce that the morph ball is about two feet 7 inches or .8 meters tall. That right there is about 41% of Samus’s height, practically anyone can curl up into a ball that small. That’s right PRACTICALLY ANYONE. At least, that’s only in the first game; maybe the 3-D games are different! Wrong. NOPE. In the 3-D games we are shown in plain sight that Samus goes into a modified summersault position that is about 50% her height, so still incredibly easy to pull off. Super Metroid actually is the game that makes the ball to Samus ratio a little more difficult. Factoring the volume of the sphere (v=(4?3)(pie)r^3) we find out the space inside the morph ball is a tight .014 m^3. If Samus is a frontal bending contortionist however this is plausible (with aggressive training anyone can become one, fancy that!) because contortionists can contort their bodies to fit into spaces down to the volume of .069 m^3!! That’s half the size of the morph ball!

So not only is the Morph ball completely easy to pull off, its completely useless! The morph ball is used mainly to go through tight spaces when in reality its larger than a person in the crawling position easily. So really the morph ball was just made for the programming team to have an easier time programming the game.

Not so daunting now Morph ball! Well I’m done here!

== > Morganism 2.0 OUT!


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