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Bum knee physics



blog-0144970001415378075.pngSo after experiencing the full force of physics during football practice and tearing my MCL I was lined up for another run with physics.


Now everyone knows that feeling when an elevator starts to go upwards you feel pushed into the ground and as it goes down you feel like you're being lifted off the ground. Well there's your physics. Now lets explain...

As the elevator begins to move upwards the inertia of the person standing there wants to stay stationary so the normal force (Fn) exerted on the person standing must be increased; creating the feeling of being pushed into the ground. That's why if you were to take a bathroom scale into an elevator and stand on it as it goes up you would appear to be heavier, because scales don't really measure weight they measure the force of gravity(Mg) against the scale. The reverse of this is what happens when the elevator goes down, the normal force would decrease because the inertia of a persons body would prefer to stay stationary.

So after being one of the outside forces to stop a persons (objects) motion I was exposed to even more physics with having to use the elevator.


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