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Physics of a Frisbee



Two factors influence the flight of a Frisbee, gravity and air. Primary purpose of the rim is to create an airfoil with a deep curvature. As air flows over the top of the Frisbee, it speeds up and the pressure drops, creating lift.

This is why my avg. pull in a game of Frisbee during the summer can be 80 meters or more, because the Frisbee is generating its own sustained force combined with the force I applied.


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An 80 meter pull? I am quite impressed. And I like this explanation and diagram. As an Ultimate player myself, obviously I was aware of the physics of the game and of the mechanics that the shape of the Frisbee add to the game. However, I did not know the exact purpose of the rim. Thank you for enlightening me!

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I did not know you played frisbee. Do you play ultamite? because I have an ultamite frisbee team that also practices over the summer.

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