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Physics of Yung Chewy (Cont.)



Chewy often likes to play tug-of-war but this game is a 2 part activity. After I get the rope from his mouth (because I can apply so much force due to my huge arms) I then have to throw the rope or else Chewy yells at me. In this case, I have to apply force to the rope and it then becomes a projectile. Say I threw the rope very lightly but due to my ginormous arms it reaches a speed of 342 m/s (bad throw for me) and it goes a measly 500 meters (again, bad throw), I would be able to calculate how long it was in the air and it's final velocity using different formulas and the knowledge that gravity is 9.81m/s^2. Usually I have to tone down my throws though, because I'm indoors and throw the rope onto a wooden floor.

In my living room, where I sit on the couch, there is a large carpet covering a portion of the floor and that's usually where Chewy nags me to throw the toy from. After I throw the toy he begins to run and once he leaves the carpeted area, he begins to fall and slide and can not gain as much speed as before. This is because the force of friction is less on the wooden floor so he begins to slide all around. When Chewy is outside he is used to putting all of his effort into running because on grass and pavement he is able to "grip the ground" with his paws, but inside, the wooden floor has little to no friction so he slides all around instead of being able to run comfortably.

Being the dog he is he continues to run after the rope and he doesn't care for his sliding as long as he gets his toy.


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