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The Physics of Ripping Rubber



Here's something you may not have been able to gauge about me from my rocking physical appearance and cool demeanor, but I am actually a pretty avid gamer. I have a PS4 cause I'm cool and I swear I don't play it enough for this to happen, but my control sticks are ripping, although this is probably due to the sheer amount of strength I contain in my fingers due to being so darn strong (more so than Tuskee). This has to do with the friction I create with the rubber on the thumbstick and my thumb. I apply so much that the rubber can not handle it and begins to rip, I create more friction than the stick was made to accept. I blame this entirely on Sony for being so bummy. Anyway, this is a great example of friction and is comparable to my post about drifting albeit entirely different.


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I wish my fingers were as strong as yours! My controller doesn't tear or anything because my hands are like buttery velvet and there is no friction.

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