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Hitting a wall



Today I want to tell you why punching a wall is always a bad idea, sometimes when we are mad and don't think clearly we hit a wall to release said anger without harming anyone, I guess thinking the wall will brake under the force. I'm here to tell you it won't harm anyone....but yourself. Admittedly our train of thought is clouded when we are mad but we must never forget that all forces come in pair of equal magnitude and opposite direction. This is VERY important because although most would think the wall is a static object and cant apply a force it does the exact opposite it will apply the same force you apply to it. So if you have the bright idea of pouncing a wall with say the force of 1000 newton's that wall will apply a 1000 newton force to you and most likely brake your hand. So next time you're mad remember newton's 3rd law and be civilized use a hammer to break down that wall.


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