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Flashing. As in the superhero, not the thing you're thinking of.

Alex Wilson


blog-0440832001415571479.pngJust last night I watched a new animated movie, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. It's very dark and definitely made for adults. People get killed left and right and it's horribly (awesomely?) violent. Here's the trailer:

The movie primarily follows The Flash as a protagonist and his travels through time and parallel universes. A lot of The Flash's abilities and physical limitations are countered through comic book magic, such as the fact that he has an "aura" around him that prevents air resistance from burning him and his clothing up.

I'm more interested in the conundrums that are not explained by the writers. Most of the time The Flash's main way of fighting is to move at a ridiculous speed and punch bad guys as hard as he can. However, according to our Lord and Savior of Physics - Isaac Newton - and his Third Law "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" meaning that if you hit table, tables hits you!...With the same amount of force, in the opposite direction. By that logic, The Flash punching a guy's face so hard that he goes flying back into a wall would hurt The Flash's fist just the same. Think about how much your knuckles hurt just punching something as hard as you can as a normal human being. Now picture it at light speed. Broken arm, anyone?

Now, according to the comic book universe, The Flash can heal at rapid rates since all of his body functions are sped up. However, if he hit something so hard that his whole body broke up he wouldn't be able to heal fast enough, he would be dead. That is unless The Flash can react so quickly to the force against his fist that he is able to absorb it, like when a baseball catcher catches a 90 mph ball in his glove and gradually slows the ball down so his fingers don't break.

Anyway, I'm going to continue my suspension of disbelief so I can further enjoy super hero movies. Especially with about 1 million Marvel movies coming out in the next couple years.


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