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Welcome to the Play; Vectors applied



I recall standing near one of two doors to the auditorium on a Sunday Afternoon, waiting on people to arrive. it was not until 1:45 until people started to swarm in. Ripping up tickets and providing programs, I was busy at work making sure that people would feel welcome inside the dark chamber. The performance itself was based off of a child's book, reimagined, and transformed into the musical known as Frog and Toad. yet all that mattered to me at the time was dealing with ticketwork and getting the viewers in.

Yet at the same time, i wasn't responsible for every single viewer. No, instead some funneled in through the alternative door, while others seated themselves onto the balcony on the second floor. So if i didn't have to manage every ticket, how could i predict where people would enter? That's where physics comes in.

As it is known, Vectors are quantities of both magnitude and direction. Near my door, i could figure which people would check through me through the direction in which they took to reach the auditorium. If they entered through the main entrance and through the commons (presumably eastward), it would have been unlikely that they would have entered through my door, since it was more situated towards an entranceon the left of the building. Should they have entered through that entrance ( which was southward), they would have more likely checked in with me. Another thing i noticed was the magnitude of their movement. I noticed that generally people were more rushed the closer it was to show time; a sign that they moved faster.

In all, by observing this, I was able to take something as absurd as being a volunteer, and use physics to make the job easier. with the assistance of vectors, i could keep myself reminded that not every person would be checking in with me.

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