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Quantum Physics



First thing's first, if you have not watched the series of Quantum Leap, I highly recommend it and it's even available on Netflix for all you Netflix lovers. After watching the series I realized I was never actually educated in what Quantum Phisics is. The show makes several references to string theory, and the main plot of the story, which is time travel, but I never had a good understanding of the important details. That being said, now that I am taking physics I am hoping that we might learn a little bit about what Quantum Physics deals with and how it works. I have done very little research of my own, but have found that it can also be called Quantum Mechanics and deals with physical phenomena at nanoscopic scales. It also deals with The Planck Constant which I have little to no idea of what that is. I'm looking forward to what we learn this year and I would be very interested if this is a topic we will learn about.

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Hi Mike.  We will get into a bit of quantum mechanics toward the end of the year in our "Modern Physics" unit.  We'll only barely touch the tip of the iceberg (there's a LOT to learn), but hopefully can provide at least a reasonable idea of what is involved.

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