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Sweet Spot Physics



As some of you know, I work for a company called the Sweet Spot at the Blue Cross Arena, Frontier Field and CMAC. The other day while helping the coffee stands set up, I noticed a key moment crucial to our set up at work. I was bringing down the supplies the coffee cart needed to the stand when it hit me how much physics was going on right in front of me. We have to carry a cart holding coffee pots, a large jug of water, creamer, a bin of packaged almonds and cashews, and three coffee dispensers, down a ramp. It was when I was bringing both carts down the ramp that I was very thankful for physics. The friction created by the materials on the carts kept them from falling off the cart I was puling. Also, the bin of nuts was resting on an angle on one of the carts. I had to make sure that the angle was just right according to the ramp or else the nuts would have fallen off the cart. It was when I made it safely down the ramp with all contents of the cart in tact that I was glad friction existed.


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