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Physics applied to driving



As a new driver I was very curious to learn how driving can be applied to physics. So, I researched many websites to get knowledge on this subject. According to one website, Newton's third law applies to driving. For people who don't know what Newton's Third Law is, it means that in every interaction there is a pair of forces acting on the two interacting objects. Newton's third law applies to driving because when you drive the action force is pushing against the road and the reaction is the road pushing against the tires. Another example, is that when a person's foot pushes on the gas pedal, the gas pedal pushes the person's foot. More interesting information I wanted to know was why is it so difficult to drive on icy roads? One website states that the reason it is so difficult is because the tire cannot grip the road because their is less friction. So when the car tries to push on the road it cannot because the road is icy. This is the reason why cars slide while driving on ice. I'm very pleased with the knowledge I received and will consider these examples in my life daily while driving.

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