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Helicopter Blades



After discussing circular motion and how it works, I started checking where circular motion happnens in the world. One place that appeared interesting was on a helicopter's blades. When I started checking pictures, I noticed that at the centers of those spinning blades was a rotor that had a lot of mechanisms. That would make sense since the rotor would have to be able to handle a large amount of centripetal force. What is really unique about the circular motion in the blades is that they are strong enough to push the air around them and can also make a very heavy object fly in the air. The amount of centrifugal force performed by the blades on an average-sized helicopter is around 6-12 tons, which is equivalent to 5443-10886 kg. The average speed that these blades go is really dependent on the size of the helicopter and the strength of the rotor, but they have been reported from around 100 RPM's-400 RPM's. It's cool to see that circular motion plays a big part in transportation like tires on cars, bicycle wheels, helicopter blades, and plane turbines.


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