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Bizarre Video Game Physics: Pokemon



Physics is a really fun science to learn about and it’s even more fun to see how video games can either follow the laws of it or completely change them. Going all the way back to 1996 when the first three Pokemon games came out a few examples would be the worst fish Pokemon Magikarp and a fire snail Pokemon named Magcargo. The only logical thing that Magikarp does is based off of real life when salmon swim upstream to spawn other than that it starts to get weird. When a Magikarp is caught its journal entry states that it used to use the move splash to leap mountains…..LEAP mountains. This is pretty extraordinary considering the moves does next to nothing. The scary part though is that when it’s coming down from it’s decent it has enough force to crack a human scull if it happens to hit someone. Magcargo on the other hand is even more dangerous. It’s normal body temperature is 18,000F. that’s enough to for people to spontaneously combust just getting close to it and yet in the world of Pokemon people somehow have this ability to ignore the physics of fire.



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