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Bizarre Video Game Physics: Super Wolfenstein HD Now With Physics



The game is set during the time of World War 2 when an infiltrator is trying to steal Hitlers secrets. Ok, lets get something straight about our world. 1) When throwing a knife at a metal grate it doesn't shatter it to tiny pieces. 2) Throwing a knife at a Nazi should kill it. 3) When someone dies the body doesn't automatically ragdoll and spaz out. 4) Physics in our world are normal. with that aside lets continue. in the game someone added a Physics engine which sometimes can be true to our world or completely the opposite. in the game to leave the room you need to throw your knife with enough force to break the wall let alone a metal grate blocking your way. while progressing through the castle you find Nazis you need to throw your knife at. the end result is a body lying on the floor with it's limbs still moving and sometimes the extreme case of him becoming one with the wall. over all this game is weird but the physics makes it fun to watch.


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