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The Physics of Shrek 3



In pursuit of my child side, I continued my movie marathon with Shrek the Third. This is a terrible attempt at a third movie, though it's not as bad as the fourth, where Rumpelstiltskin (Rumpypigskin as Charming calls him) gains enough power to take over Far Far Away and turn back time, where Shrek never saved Fiona from the tower. It's pretty bad. But not as bad as many other movies. Don't even get me started on Blue Jasmine.

As the Shrek movies continue, though, the Physics slowly improve. There are less instances where I want to shield my eyes from the otherworldly jumps and leaps. In the third movie, the plot is more excruciating, while the physics is less. The opening scene has Shrek and Fiona in ridiculous costumes in front of a large group of people and one thing leads to another and flying pork is burning the house down. The projectiles of smaller objects is improving where one could believe that could really occur. The entire idea of these small disturbances is very cartoon-esque, but at least animation is adding to the physics of it all.

Just like the second Shrek movie where they added circular motion, this movie, they added pulleys. Again with the new aspect of physics, there is some fluctuation in the reality of it. The pulleys seem to be stuck in the same ditch as the projectiles in the first movie. The objects hanging off of the pulleys seem to have a stronger force than gravity acting on it, making it move less when other forces act on it.

With every new addition, new problems, but old problems are improving drastically.


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