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Train Physics



Over the holiday break I traveled on a train to and from the city of Chicago. The rides were very long so I started to think as to how physics applies to trains. What I noticed is that the train was beng acted upon by Gravity going down towards the Earth while the Normal Force was pushing up with the exact same force in Newtons. Our initial and final velocity changed frequently from around 35 meters/second to 0 meters/second because of the constant train stops and start-ups again. Our trains couldn't go much faster than the 35 meers/second because the faster it goes, the harder it would've been to keep the train on the tracks since they have steel wheels and are not magnetically connected to the track. However, the faster the train goes results in a shorter time to get to everyone's destination. Now that we're coming back to school I'm interested to see what next we will learn.


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