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Nobody in my group has even attempted to start our catapult (thatguy and daboss), so looks like im going to have to do it all AS USUAL. However i've heard many opinions saying that building a trebuchet will be more efficient and overall better than a catapult. well i'm here to say i have no sort of time to do that kind of construction. My catapult wont even be a real catapult. Im going to have to rely on a big spring to do the work of shooting the arm around to throw the ball. Basically you're going to see a makeshift wooden mechanism that more or less wont work. Im going to look for a spring with the highest spring constant just so it will have the most power and cause the arm to have a high acceleration. Therefore as i pull back, the force pulling against it will become greater and greater, until eventually it will shoot the ball with a great force the other way. Thanks for you wasting your time on reading this, ill be sure to disappoint you all on thursday.

-Forever and for always,



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