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Springs and Trampolines



When I think of springs, I think of trampolines. The more you stretch of compress a spring, the greater the force of the spring. If you think of a hamster jumping on a trampoline it wouldn’t go as high as an elephant jumping on the trampoline. The larger the force, the larger the distance. Work done in compressing the spring is stored as elastic potential energy. Therefore if a large person jumps down on the spring when they fly back up the trampoline has potential energy to send them far up. The larger the person, the more fun they will have! Since larger people compress the trampoline more, they will get more out of it. If you had a lot of free time you could calculate the spring constant of your trampoline. Say you weigh 60 Newtons, if the spring is moved 2 meters from its starting spot, than the spring constant would be 30 Newtons/Meter.


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