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Independent Learning Unit



This past week my AP C class undertook an independent unit on impulse and moment. For the week we were given a lab, a multiple choice packet, and free response questions that we had to complete by the end of the week. Upon completion of our work we will be tested on impulse and momentum. This being the first time that I have ever been given as assignment like this it seemed interesting but it also seemed like if I was not on top of things in class I would have a lot of homework. Fortunately over the week we worked very efficiently and got most of the work done in class leaving just an hour or two of work over the week. Upon completion of this assignment I feel that I have learned more through this assignment then I would have through a week of simply lecturing. Through this project I was exposed to the material in several different ways and was forced to learn how to apply my knowledge to all sorts of problems. The individualised nature of the unit allowed me to focus my learning in a way that was most efficient for me, focusing on areas of confusion and quickly move through ideas I had a good grasp on. All in all, a very successful week in physics!


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