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Shattering my phone screen



The other night, as I got out of my car to go to training, my phone fell out of my pocket and hit the pavement. In result, the entire screen became completely shattered. You could say this was just a misfortune of luck, but it is actually all physics. As my phone was just about to fall, it had a certain amount og gravitational potential energy. Once it began to fall, the energy changed into more Kinetic energy as the phone began to speed up before it hit the ground. The closer to the ground it was, the more kinetic energy it has and the less potential energy it has. The gravitational potential energy is mgh so as it got closer to the ground, the PE would decrease. Kinetic Energy is 1/2mv^2 which means as it sped up getting closer to the ground, the kinetic energy increased.

Not only did the energy change, but when the phone contacted the pavement, it experienced an impulse. The change in momentum and force put onto the phone caused the screen to crack. It was unable to spread out the force for a longer time causing the screen to shatter.

It is a tragedy that physics did this to my phone.

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