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Work in Weightlifting



In most sports like football, basketball, and volleyball, being tall is usually very advantageous for the athletes. However, in weightlifting the complete opposite is true and people that are short have a much bigger advantage. That is because short people have a lot less work to do than tall people. Work is defined by the formula W=Force x Displacement. That's why it's so much easier for short people, they have a lot less distance when needing to lift something. To prove it I'm going to give an example of someone who is short and someone who is tall. Billy and Tom are lifting the same weight with the same force of 50 newtons. the only difference is Billy is 1.6 meters tall and Tom is 2 meters tall. When plugging the numbers into the equation Tom will have done more work than Billy. Billy: W=(50 Newtons)(1.6 meters) which ends up being a total of 80 Joules. Tom: W=(50 Newtons)(2 meters) which becomes 100 Joules. So based on this information, if you ever want to lift weights, make sure you shrink before it so you can do less work.

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