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Physics of planes



This weekend I took a plane to New York City. I was looking out the window on the plane and I started to think about the physics required to fly. Before take off the plane was sitting on the tar mat at rest and it continued to stay at rest for our small delay. When we got the okay to take off we started off at a low velocity and then we accelerated to a higher velocity until we were going at maximum speed. Then we took flight. In order to move up we had to be going at a significant speed and beyond the acceleration due to gravity. Because 9.81m/s^2 is the acceleration due to gravity a plane must overcome that acceleration because if not the plane would go down. The propellers of the plane helped to monitor the speed as they can cut the air and produce a decrease or increase in speed and therefore flight time. When the plane was going to land the plane decreased in velocity and the wheels popped out as it got closer to the ground. This helped to make the landing softer and the wheels took over some of the force to make the landing more comfortable for passengers.


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