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Bungy Jumping... From a Helicopter



blog-0033239001421888395.jpgThis is a life goal of mine. Get a cool job, get a cool house, go bungy jumping from a helicopter over New Zealand. Among other things.

Some people's first reaction is to say with confidence that I would bounce and then sling right up into the blades of the chopper. This is not so. I would bounce for sure, but not into the blades. Heli-bungy jumping is a real thing! I did not make this up! People have done it and survived in one piece! The helicopter would be moving at all times, of course, cruising forward at about 130kph. A bungy cord is essentially a spring, so how much it would stretch would depend on the spring constant of my particular bungy. That would be a really good thing to look into before jumping from the skid.


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