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Boson X



For years scientists have been discovering particles of all types and with this day and age's technology such as a particle accelerator physicists are trying to discover the " God Particle" or the Higgs Boson particle. In 2012 It was finally discovered and was a big win for the Physics community. Though with the discovery came some other news, news that the particle itself can end the universe. With it having a mass of around 126 million electron volts, it's the exact mass that is needed to keep the universe close to instability. More of this data can be read here at Live Science.com


What sparked my interest for this also was a game called Boson X, a first-person runner you could call it. The objective of the game is to find the Higgs Boson while discovering the other particles along the way by running through a particle accelerator as the floors, walls, and ceiling constantly change. I find the game pretty interesting and i felt as if i should share it with everyone else.



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