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Scientific Physics V. Pop Culture Physics



For the longest while Scientists would rag on a movie because either the science was wrong or it wasn't explained well, this happened with the movie "Interstellar". I understand why these things happens, Scientists want to inform the public of these amazing discoveries or the wonders of a certain topic but still keep the science 100% true as possible. I find it cool how more and more shows, games, and movies are taking the approach to consulting with highly respected people in each field to make sure the science is as true as possible. A great example of this would be in the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy" where the director James Gunn consulted with a NASA physicist to discuss how a person can survive in space without a breathing apparatus, and how factors such as how much skin is exposed, play a part in it. It really gets to me when pop culture and science butt heads because they can co-exist together. Today's movies, shows, games, etc. should respect the science behind everyday things or the possible science behind theoretical scenarios, just as science shouldn't crack down on pop culture because it's way off or by just a bit. When that happens doors are closed to potential scientific possibilities that could one day be proven true.

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it really is intresting to see what movies acually make sense and what movies don't physics wise for example i read a list of grievences by aphysicist about the movie the matrix it was like two pages long of like 200 or so problems

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