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Calculus In Physics?



I recently had a realization in physics, that it actually applies to outside in the real world in a lot more ways then I thought!

I was recently doing test work for my first year physics class. I was having some trouble with distance vs. time graphs, velocity vs. time graphs, and and acceleration vs. time graphs.

I have a much higher understanding for math than physics in my life right now so any relation I can make from physics to math is incredibly helpful. I have recently connected the use of derivatives and integrals in physics. I realized that going from a distance to velocity to acceleration graph is the same as taking the derivative. The same idea going backwards except taking the integral of the function.

Being in an introductory physics course the students don't get explained this yet because it's only basic level math with no complicated functions. So I had to figure this out on my own.

I am quite proud of myself for coming to this new understanding because now I will not get questions like this wrong anymore in the future and I have a taste for higher level physics in the future( which I am excited to get to now!).


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