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Physics in Basketball #ballislife



So as you probably already know I be getting buckets. Just kidding that's arrogant. But on the Irondequoit basketball team I play an important role where the easiest way for me to score is shooting three point baskets. Physics highly relates to the way I play on the basketball team. Every time I shoot a jump shot in order to have a chance of making the shot I have to release the ball at the perfect angle and use the right amount of force on the ball. To start off releasing the ball at the right angle matters on the flick of the wrist" (that's from a song). If you flick your wrist too much the ball will release flat and you'll probably hit the front of the rim but if you don't flick your wrist enough you will end up air balling because the ball will go so high. Once you have the right angle you also have to consider the amount of force you put on the ball. Adding too much force will result in hitting the rim hard as H E double hockey sticks but not having enough force will be an air ball and that's just embarrassing. Once you have the perfect wrist angle as well as the right amount of power you have a really good chance of making the shot. Overall that is how physics relates with basketball as well as how to get buckets. #3J (one of my basketball nicknames)


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