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Physics in working out



There is a great deal of physics in working out. For one, lifting weights themselves have numerous components of physics that contribute to the process. For example, when I do squats on the gym, I can find the magnitude of work I am doing on the weights by using the equation w= Fd. This is work equals force multiplied by distance. I can find the force I am exerting on the bar by figuring out the bars mass and multiplying that by the gravitational pull on the bar, 9.81 m/s^2. I then multiply this number by the distance I cover in one up and down motion. From here, I can determine the power I am exerting on the bar. The power equation is P= w/ t or P= fd/ t. To find the power I am exerting in the squats, I divide the amount of work done by the time in seconds I do a single squat in. As one can see, there are many ways physics can appear in every day life.


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That's cool. I work out, but I don't think of the physics that applies to working out until now. Now I know that not only is there power involved in working out,  but work too.

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