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The Patroits are going to win the Super Bowl



As you already know my Patriots just eviscerated the Indianapolis Colts and are heading on to win the Superbowl. Last week in the game I picked out some physics I saw because everyones when watching football you tend to pick out physics when you see it. Lets take the play when Blount ran through the Colt's defense to score a touchdown I noticed physics when Blount ran right through the defender. Before the hike of the ball Blount started off with potential energy. he didn't have much since he was standing on a flat surface. Blount weighs 112 kilograms. When the ball was hiked he ran for a distance of 24 meters or 8 yards. He was able to reach about 10.5 m/s before he collided with another player. Using the equation KE=1/2mv^2 you will find that Blount's total Kinetic Energy was around 5,600 Joules of energy onto the opposing player. I feel sorry for that other player because Im know I wouldn't want to tackle someone like that. Overall that is how physics related in the Patriots game this past weekend. #GOPATS #PatriotsNation


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