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Work was a tricky subject for me when first learning it in physics class. For some reason it made me think harder than i thought i had to. the equation for work is W=(f)(d) meaning work is the force multiplied by the distance. the distance is a main part of work. take a broken down car for example. Your car was to break down and you had to push it to the nearest help station. No matter how hard you push or how sweaty you get trying- no work is done unless you are able to move the car forward. This was the trickiest part to figure out for me because i always assumed that the harder your trying meant that your putting more work in. But i have come to realize that work in physics and in life is only work if you get distance out of it. After all the definition of work is the "exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something." Therefore work is achieved when you accomplish something greater such as moving the car.


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