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when we first started the work power energy unit. I asked my dad what power is... he said that power is strength and speed. After completing this unit I have to say my family is sadly wrong. Power is the work put in times the amount of time it took. P=W/t. for example if you Do 20 N of work in 20 sec you only excreted 1 watt of power. I bet your wondering WATT a watt is? A watt is A watt is the unit of measure for calculating the power of a circuit. A single watt (W) is equivalent to one joule (J) per second (S). However power can be calculated in many different ways. Because work is equal to force time Displacement. Power is equal to ForceX Displacement Divided by time ... P= FD/T. This then can be simplified even further to Force time Average velocity. In a Work time graph the slope of the line is equal to the power exerted. Lastly power is equal to the rate at which work is being done.


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