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Work is presented as the letter W. The rate of work is considered the power. Work is equal to Force(F) multiplied by displacement(D). The work is also equal to the Force times the distance times cosx ... x in this case is the angle created by the force and the displacement. Work is also equal to the MAD the mass times displacement x acceleration. Work is measured in Joules a rule is a newton times a m this is also equal to kgm^2/s^2. when someone thinks they are putting a lot of work into moving or doing something the really aren't. An example of work is For example lets say someone exerted a force of 20N and travel a distance of meters.. creating a =displacement of 20 (20N) (20m) =400 J. This person put in 400 joules of work.


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That's cool. I wonder how much work professional weigh lifters produce when they max out, as well as the work produced to pull a truck.

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