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car crash



my mother once witnessed a very impressive but altogether terrifying car crash several years before i was born. it late on a friday and my mother was driving down the highway with the only other driver in sight being a large eighteen wheeler that was about 30 meters ahead of her. a drunk driver had somehow made it two miles down the mostly empty road and was going far above the speed limit of 60 mph. the truck was many times larger than the small four seater and even though it had a greater speed both the mass and momentum of the truck were far greater and the car was crushed like a can under a foot. however the truck was not undamaged and the grill and the hood were both mangled. had the truck not been an enourmas vehicle with a very considerable momentum (as it was going the speed limit of 60) the crash would have likely involved my mothers car aswell and had that happened i might not have been born.


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