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Importance of friction in winter



Winter time holds the potential to be a very dangerous season if it was not for friction. Ice and snow pose as threats to deter friction from doing its job. However, without friction, the roads would be filled with accidents and it would be nearly impossible to walk on the ground without slipping. During the winter, some people get special tires that have better traction on the slippery ground. The traction on the tires helps produce more friction so the car does not slide as easily. People have special chains they can put on shoes as well that create traction and increase the friction between their shoes and the icy ground. I have special chains that go on my running shoes so that I can run in the winter without worrying about slipping around and slowing myself down. Friction is also important while merely walking on the icy ground. That is why many put salt on the ground, to try and help with the friction. As one can see, physics truly has many uses, including keeping us safe!


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