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Ice Skating



Around Winter, and especially when it's near the holiday's, I'll want to do some winter activities such as ice skating or sledding. But I had gone ice skating over the 2 week break with a couple of friends, and it was pretty amusing seeing a bunch of teenagers get "out-skated" by some children who were half our age. But during the time we had skated, we all had different velocities, some of us had large velocities, others had small. And when it comes to skating, if you've never gone before, there's going to be a little difficulty due to the fact that your ice skates and when it comes in contact with the ice, there will be little friction. And if you're a teenager who hasn't done it in a while, you'll find yourself either hanging onto the sides, or needing a walker to help you skate along. There was an incident when a someone was skating, and they had fell because they weren't able to control themselves on the skates. She was moving at a very slow velocity, barely accelerating unless she had someone more skilled to pull her along, and not knowing how to apply a force on the skate to stop herself from going out of control, she slipped and fell onto the ice. Now there would also be a force applied when she fell, but another reason she had fell was because her legs were stick straight, therefore she wasn't balanced; as you gain speed, you should be bending your knees. It was a fun experience to have with my friends, especially since I got to see some slips here and there, and see a kid comment on my friend having to use a walker to help her skate.


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