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The Death of Boo



We all remember when 'Boo' 'died' in the 'trash compactor' in Monsters Inc. None of us admit it, but all of us reacted similarly to Sully. That was just... nightmarish.

It just doesn't make that much sense, though. First of all, the fall down the chute would have killed her. Secondly, during the process of being crushed and such, so many little pieces of garbage fly off of the conveyer belt. Yet at the end, the same amount is still there. The second to last process for the garbage is to be flattened by a massive stone grind. Much like in Temple of Doom... bleh... that scene. Anyway, next a single blade is dropped mechanical-gullitine-style onto the now flattened garbage. And presto. Perfect little cubes of garbage. Hmm. Interesting. Also, of all the blocks of garbage that we see, only one is imperfect. Boo's. With her little eyeball piece being the only thing out of place.

Yes, I know. Who am I to hate on a Disney film? It is a fantastic film. Just, maybe not in terms of physics.


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