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Freeze em



Hockey is unique. It is the only one of the four major sports in the US to not use a ball. Also, it is the only sport to deep freeze the object used (pucks) to 14 degrees F.

Ponder this:

Skates dont work by cutting into the ice, but rather melt the ice. Energy is converted into heat as the player moves which causes a very very very thin layer of water to glide over. If this works for skates, why are pucks used at such a low temperature?

Well, the melting prinicple doesn't work for pucks because they have so much surface area. If pucks are warmer than freezing they do melt the ice, but because of the surface area, it hampers movement. The water created under the puck causes a RISE in friction, due to the nature of the rubber. Imagine wearing leather pants and sweating......sticky and full of friction.

Also, because of the surface area, the water under the pucks tends to re-freeze quickly, causeing the puck to stop dead in its tracks. If you ever watch a hockey team warm up on ice that is still wet from the zamboni machine, the pucks will be sliding and suddenly stop in the middle of the ice, pissing everyone off.

Finally, warm pucks like to bounce. so does blood and vomit on ice. No one knows why it just does, so deal with it.'

Hey remember when i pwned the class in csi? i remember.:fight)<-------get em

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