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Call of Physics



I dont know if anyone has posted about this already but i thought i would take a shot at comparing call of duty, the videogame, to physics. I know everthing is coding and such but you have to wonder, when you slide on your knees after sprinting and your momentum takes you off the edge of the map... Killing you. I think that can be calculated using physics equations. Also When you toss a grenade into a room and it explodes next to somone and their body goes flying. The explosive force could be the outside force that moves the body of the enemy. And lastly throwing the grenade or throwing knife or any kind of throwable requires a knowledge of physics because each throwable has a different weight and your character uses the same amount of force to throw each item. I believe the creators of these games have to study alot of physics before producing these games because the games are in standard earth gravity.

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