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Just behind the curve.



After only fully completing 14 out of 24 question on the webassign (58.3%) and recieving partial credit where i can, boosting my grade to an 81.5% (thank god for the curve), i realized that the problems i knew the best were all stuff from last part of W & E, and i found it very easy to do. two weeks ago i would have been banging my head on the wall attempting them. i dont know why, but even last year i had this problem where during the unit i was stumped, but immediately after it was over i was fairly decent at it....unfortunately by then we had moved on to something else i couldnt learn on time. So i dont know what the deal is, but it seems as though my brain works on a delay, and when im in a current unit i suck, but once we leave it i can do it like nobody's business (for the most part). its really frustrating and i just wish i could learn on time so that i can get the grades i need instead of saying "oh if only this question showed up 2 weeks down the road, then i could solve it". But for now, you know who i am...



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NOT uncommon at all. Physics takes time to sink it (that's why we try to end units and leave a few days for problem solving / practice / sink in before pulling it all together on an exam). I spent five years as an undergraduate learning how to make transistors, but didn't understand how one worked until I was a senior... some things just need to stew and sift for a while. :-)

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