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Microsoft is making something cool?!

Alex Wilson


With the announcement of Windows 10 this week, Microsoft also announced a new product: the HoloLens. They have been worked on for several years in secret, by the same person who created Kinect. Although, at the moment, they are only available to developers and are a very new concept. Still, they are extremely cool and could change how we see the world in a few years.

Images, which Microsoft is calling holograms, come up in the real world. The lens can process many terabytes a second which sounds absurd. The glasses can map specific rooms and overlay information onto it.

Here's the new promotional page: http://www.microsoft.com/microsoft-hololens/en-us

Of course, they work nothing like they do in the promo videos and pictures. But, from what I have read they still work pretty well. The only downside is that the view is only a smallish area in front of your face, as opposed to being all around you like Occulus Rift and other virtual reality. The holograms are projected similar to how prescription eyeglasses work. The light rays hit your eyes at specific points, which can make the image appear out in space. Microsoft is hoping to create consumer versions in the next decade, and I personally cannot wait. It's starting to feel like the future!


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