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what i see in the library @dudeperfect



while in the computer in the library I was very amused by what I saw in front of me. someone was watching dude perfect trick shots. these guys pretty much goofy around doing really cool stuff, while making a large sum of money of course. The episode I was watching in the library that one day was with epic bowling shots. and as I watched someone knock over all the pins from across a skate park with his bowling ball, I thought to myself wow that bowling ball probably has a lot of kinetic energy. lets say the ball is traveling 12 m/s and has a mass of 6 kg. using the equation KE= 1/2mv^2 I can calculate its kinetic energy. KE = 1/2(6)(12)^2 fives me 432j. which I'm guessing could do some real damage. Regardless I recommend youtubing dude perfect they do some really unique stuff that I wish I could do.


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