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Graphing Motion Page First Draft Complete



Had a busy weekend with lots of small successes on the APlusPhysics front... First off, finished up the first draft of the Regents --> Graphing Motion page (http://www.aplusphysics.com/courses/regents/kinematics/reg_graphmotion.html) with a couple more sample problems and an interactive Flash mini program demonstrating the relationship between d-t, v-t, and a-t graphs (thanks to Tom Schulte for the great graphics!!!).

Also, spent some time on the phone with a physics teacher in Illinois working on an article that details our forensics and physics day activity -- received some terrific input and ideas that will definitely improve the article. Plus, it's always nice to make another friend in the physics teaching field.

Then, got a start on the Regents --> Kinematic Equations page... lots of blanks to fill in and still tons of editing and re-organizing to do, but I'm feeling good about getting first drafts created and posted. Hopefully I can keep this momentum going with some time off during the holiday week.

Finally, I'm pleased to see the "Homework Help" section of the website getting some use... not only are those asking questions getting the help they need without having to wait for class time, but those who are providing the help are reinforcing physics concepts. "The best way to learn is to teach!"


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