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I like to play a lot of sports and one sport I like to play is lacrosse. I have played lacrosse since the third grade and now that I am physics I see how much it is involved with lacrosse. One way that lacrosse is involved with physics is when a player throws a ball to another player. A player has to throw the ball up a little more higher than the opposite player because of gravity. As the ball leaves the the stick Gravity is trying to pull it down to earth. But the ball has so much kinetic energy going towards the opposite player that it reaches the player before the ground. Another way that lacrosse is involved with physics is when a player shoots a ball at the net it leaves the stick at a usual velocity of 60-70 miles per hour. As the ball leaves the stick it's potential energy changes to kinetic energy all the way to the net. As it hits the net it loses all kinetic energy and turns to potential energy and gravity brings it down to the ground. This is how lacrosse is related to lacrosse.

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