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There's nothing better than popping one in over the shoulder of the bum goalie top shelf right where momma hides the cookies. When playing hockey it's a lot of moving and hitting the puck (or ball if you're flee like my boys) and forces are applied everywhere. On ice there's a lot of physics involved, a lot more than in a parking lot.

When lining up a mean slapper you have to time it properly if she's a nice one timer. When your boy Brad Richards is applying all sorts of forces to set you up, you have to apply an impulse to the puck to put her up bar down. An impulse is force over time so if you multiply the force applied to the puck by the time the force was applied you will get the impulse. I would imagine if you are applying the force to the puck longer it will have a bigger impulse. This sounds a lot like something called a follow through that you may have heard of i'm not sure. If you follow through you can probably perform better or something i dont know hopefully my main man Fizziks guy can let me know. Comment your thoughts :-)


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