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The Morning I Almost Died on my Way to School...



A couple of weeks ago, when we received a TON of snow and it was -15 degrees (but still received no snow/cold day), I sadly had to drive to school. Before driving to school I had to pick up my friend Natalie. It usually takes me about 20 minutes to get from my house to school, but this day it ended up taking me 35!! On the way, everyone drove like old ladies (naturally) and even going 20 mph I found myself sliding and being sucked into the slush and ice; it was terrifying!!! I read somewhere that to come to a stop, in bad snowy weather, it was important to pump the brakes and not slam on them. There's actually lots of physics just in a car. Pumping is better than slamming because of friction. When you slam on the brakes, there's still Kinetic Energy in your tires, causing you to keep sliding and moving, which is all very scary (DONT do that)! By pumping the brakes, as I did, Natalie and I got to school safe and sound.


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