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Although an uncommon sport in America, rugby is a huge sport in the British Isles and southern countries like Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. The great thing about rugby is how much power and work it takes to play. One of the main occurences in rugby that cause for so much work and power is a scrum. Scrums involve eight players from each team trying to work together in a pack to push the other pack backwards and get the ball from the middle. On average it is believed that a single scrum can generate a total force of 13,350 Newtons.However, if we were to look at a single team perfroming work in the scrum, it would be very minimal beacuse of the very short distance they need to gain. So let's cut that force in half to equal the force of one team (6675 N) and say that the same team got the ball by moving a total of 0.5 meters. When using the equation W=Fd we can find that the total work done was only 3337.5 Joules of energy by a total of eight players combined. Now we can calculate power by saying that the time it took for them to reach that 0.5 meters was a whole 1.4 seconds. Using the formula P=W/t we can see that the one team generated over 4672.5 Watts. The scrum is a big difference from American football. Instead of one-on-one battles for advantage, rugby utilizes half the team in an eight-on-eight.


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