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Every week, we do an economic update for economics class. This week we were to choose a company found in Rochester's Top 100 businesses. This means that this is a privately held company and is ranked based on their three most recent years of growth. These companies have at least one million dollars in revenue annually; the ranking accounts for both dollar and percentage growth.

For this project I decided to choose a fzx related company, specifically: Cutting Edge Laser Technologies.

This is a wholesale/distribution company based in Fairport that employs a mere seventeen Rochester area workers, and yet, they are #68 on the Rochester Top 100 companies!

I chose this company especially because of its fzx background. The website is vey easy to navigate (which probably adds to the company's successes) and has an entire page dedicated to the fzx of laser therapy!

This company specializes in equipment used for veterinary lasers...for your dog! MLS Veterinary Therapy is quick to relieve pain, it reduces inflammation and speeds healing! There a multiple types of lasers used for Veterinary Therapy. Each laser has different characteristics resulting in different effects. If you go onto Cutting Edge Laser's website and navigate ever-so-slightly you will easily find the characteristics listed and described as below:

Energy: Measured in joules.

Time: Defined as the duration of irradiance of target tissue and is measured in seconds. It is also known as impulse duration or impulse width.

Wavelength: Penetration depth is directed by the laser emission wavelength and the type of tissue: chromosphores.

Frequency: Defined as the number of impulses emitted during the unit of time and should reflect the condition being treated.

Power: Rate at which energy is delivered and is measured in watts.

Fluence: Energy density or dose.

Irradiance: Power density or power delivered per unit area.

Emission Mode: Continuous Wave (CW) Or Pulsed Wave (PW).

Impulse Duration: Duration of laser emission, also called impulse width.

These lasers and their characteristics have been clinically tested and proved efficient at world-renown research institutions across the globe. Believe it or not, they really, really do help humans and animals to heal faster and better than ever.

To me it still sounds fairly scary, but advances are certainly being made in great bounds. I guess the term laser is currently associated with too much evil for our generation. But eventually, they'll probably be incorporated in medical practices everywhere and no one will think a thing of it.


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