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Nikola Tesla



One of my most favorite people in history, is Nikola Tesla. Mainly for who he was as a person rather than what he did, but he did have huge contributions in the Physics world. Unfortunately, he is often overlooked by the average person, because of what the American, Thomas Edison, did with Tesla's ideas. Perhaps, Nikola Tesla's most well-known invention is the Tesla Coil. The Tesla Coil could produce high voltage, high frequency electricity. These coils create large electric fields that then can power other electrical devices around them such as light bulbs. Another invention of his that is widely unknown he created, is the radio. Most people that don't know much about the radio's history, believe that Guglielmo Marconi was the creator of it. However, Tesla was the originator, and he showed this off at Madison Square Garden with his radio controlled robot-boat. Tesla would send out radio waves (which are classified as electromagnetic and transverse) to the boat's coherer, which received them, and would then transmit the waves into mechanical movements. This became the first ever application of radio waves in America. These are only a few of the many accomplishments Nikola Tesla had in the Science field. It's a shame he is not recognized more for all of his hard work.


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